How is this Science? Well, Science is about Knowledge. And one definition of Knowledge I heard once is that: "Knowledge must be Justified True Belief." Justified, well that implies other people's Judgement. Well, you have to have a lot of people like you. I don't know that many people - so don't hold that against me - but the one's I do know, I try really hard for them to appreciate me. I don't know if that's Science - sounds more like Politics to me - but presuming we wanted to be Scientific, that's where our inquiry led us. Secondly, Truth. To me just means things that have to pass inorder for me to continue my survival. That's the only way I could place a limit on the infinite possibilities of the human imagination. It's not really "True," but expedient until our bodies have no more requirements. And finally, Belief, well that's your own thing. So my website about Science is really just a website about me, and the people I know, and the things we do. Anything else just confuses me. What's more Scientific than that?

The Russells

This Russell Family Website is being created, provisionally, by Bob Russell, and will be updated with yet to be announced content.  Thank you for visiting.

Bob Russell

Still wondering what's so scientific?  Ok, I should use technical terms.  And in a way that reminds you of the discourse you have while in class at a school.  Discourse? that's rhetoric, not science (and incidentally what I went to school for).  And science is predictive, why don't you "know" how to win in Vegas.  In fact you're pretty bad at that.  And what kind of experiments are you running here anyhow?  Hey, if I knew all that, I would already know, and the science would stop.  Unlike religion, there is no wrong side in Science.  You ask a series of dumb questions, you probably wanted a better answer.  Like religion, science cannot leave you.  Because the world cannot leave you.  It can leave you in a ditch, but the ditch is still there.  No matter how dumb you are.  Or how big of a question you ask.